Borislav Scofield

An independent marine engineer with over 20 years of experience in the oil and gas firm and the founder of BorisDrills Group.

“If you have faith in your abilities and maintain unwavering commitment and a sense of pride, while never succumbing to defeat, you shall emerge as a triumphant individual. The cost of achieving victory may be demanding, yet the fruits of success are equally abundant.”

Borislav Scofield, Engineer


Borislav Scofield is an independent contractor in the oil & gas industry with over 20 years of working experience. Borislav Scofield has collaborated with different oil and gas companies around the world to provide a sustainable business environment and contracts.


Borislav Scofield is known as a Philanthropist in the Zhelen village of Svoge Municipality, Sofia Province, western Bulgaria, which is his hometown. Svoge Municipality is located in western Bulgaria and is a part of Sofia Province. It covers a territory of 868.6 km2 and has a population of around 21,000 people, more than 1/3 of which lives in the town of Svoge itself. The municipality also includes 37 villages. The municipality is one of the largest by area in the country. It neighbors Montana Province, Vratsa Province & Sofia (City of) province. Established in the 1980s, Vardiya is located in the upper Carmel, between the Hadar Hacarmel and Romema.

Registered Sinopec Member

Borislav Scofield is a registered member of China Petroleum & Chemical Group (Sinopec), this is a Chinese oil and gas enterprise based in Beijing. It is listed in Hong Kong and also trades in Shanghai, founded in February 25, 2000.

Registered APPEA Member

Borislav Scofield is also an active member of The Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association, the organization was originally established in 1959 and previously used the acronym APEA. Scofield grew up in Sydney Australia.


Early Life. Borislav Scofield was born in Svoge Municipality, town of Sofia, Bulgaria. Svoge is a town in western Bulgaria, part of Sofia Province. It is located in the gorge of the Iskar River, at the place where the mountains Mala planina, Golema planina and Ponor meet, 40 km north of the capital Sofia. Scofield lost his father Borislav Dimitar to heart failure when he was only 4 years old and his mother died a few years later. Borislav Scofield left Svoge for Australia with his Aunt Gergana at the age of 5. Scofield grew up in Sydney Australia with his aunt, there he obtained his first degree in marine engineering from The University of Sydney.


Love Life. Borislav Scofield met his ex wife in Australia, they got married but divorced just after a few years of marriage with no kid.


Professional Life. For the past 20 years, Borislav Scofield has been working brilliantly in the oil and gas industry. Scofield has executed a number of contracts, and this has made him able to win different contracts that involve hundreds of contractors seeking the same position. This is because he is a trusted and very reliable responsible man who works to make sure he delivers the best projects and the results.

Contract Reviews

Few reviews from companies he recently worked for!

Alejandra A, Project Director

"The exceptional service provided by BorisDrills Group has been instrumental in the success of our oil rig projects. Their team's expertise, attention to detail, and commitment to safety have set them apart from other companies in the industry."

Annette B, Project Manager

"Working with BorisDrills Group has been an exceptional experience. Their team of experts seamlessly managed the drilling and installation process for our offshore oil rig project."

Devon K, CEO of an Oil and Gas Exploration Company

"I have been consistently impressed with the professionalism and expertise of BorisDrills Group. Their team managed the drilling operations on our offshore rig with precision and efficiency, ensuring the successful extraction of oil reserves."